Saturday, February 7, 2015

My first jam

With spring approaching I need to use up the juice we have stored from last year. Normally my wife makes jam, but she is busy and I had to unfreeze this juice to use half to make wine. 
I am just using the basic recipe that comes with the packet of surejell. 
With the interior of our house finished in wood plank and using fluorescent lighting it hard to get picture that captures the beautiful purple color of this muscidine juice. I had three cups of very thick juice so I am adding two cups of water to make it the five cups the recipe calls for. 
With garden season rapidly approaching my to-do-list is growing rapidly. This year I hope to pick enough blackberries ands wild grapes to make some jam to sell, so I need to use what we have to teach myself how to do it properly.
What didn't fit in the four pint jars tastes so good. Definitely tastes like grapes, but not the flavor of grape jelly from the store,  a little hint if sour maybe. Not sure how to describe the flavor. 
Four pints, jarred up, now I just wait to see if it sets while I try to get the jam off my iPhone.

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