Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just Peachy

      I sampled my first batch of peach wine and found that it tastes great and packs a punch. If was a big fan of the flavor of peach in the first place I would make more of this for sure. The wine has been in the fridge for a few weeks and isn't all the way clear, but from what I have read about wine making it probably won't clarify without more steps in the process. I have no plans to add steps to the process I have no problem drinking the wine the way it is now. According to some of the wine making forums I read simply letting the wine sit should help to improve the clarity so I am going to let it sit in the fridge for another month to see what happens. 
       I started out with two 2-liter bottles full in each one:
          1. 1-liter pure peach juice 
          2. 1-liter water 
          3. 1 1/2 cups sugar
          4.  1/8 teaspoon wine yeast
        The next batch I will probably use slightly less yeast, maybe 3/32. 

         I strained the juice I had through a boiled pillow case to remove as much plup as possible, then filled the bottles.  After filling the bottle with juice, water, and sugar I shook the bottle and waited until the sugar had dissolved. After that I added the yeast and sealed it with a E-Z cap. After a week I put the bottle in the fridge. 

      At this point there is a heavy layer of sediment at the bottom. On the batches I made this time I let the wine sit in the fridge before I transfered it to another bottle to remove much of the sediment. 
I would probably wait a day or two and then make the transfer, but it might be better to wait a month or so to let it really settle before transfer or racking as the winemakers call it. The sediment was pretty heavy and the amount I had to leave behind left me with 3 liters. Next time I will take two 2-liters and transfer to three 1 one liter bottles and then let settle again till I want to drink it.