Sunday, November 9, 2014

The murder becomes the meat

Turning the animal into something we use is the majority of the work in deer hunting. After the deer sat cooled down for a few days we took the meat off the bone and ground up around thirty pounds of meat. This didn't include the backstrap which we will eat as Fajitas and most of one back leg which I trimmed up and will be turned into jerky. We did buy beef fat to mix with the ground meat because the venison is too lean for hamburgers or meatloaf. Last year I tried cooking legs whole, or medival style as I call it, but I couldn't find a way to make it good, the meat is too lean. I am sure that back when people ate a lot less meat it would be the best thing ever, but it ended up being wasted at our house. 
This leg came out pretty well and had little waste, the other front leg had a fragment of the bullet in it and the best part of it was ruined. Trimming the meat from the bone takes practice and I won't try to explain since I know there must be people better than me with youtube videos. What you will need are a couple knifes, one flexible like a fillet knife or boning knife and one butcher knife with those you need a sharpening stone and a grinder. The grinder we bought last year was sixty bucks on Amazon and has no problem grinding up a the deer or pig meat. Just make sure to buy the one with all metal parts. I had to buy freezer paper,   Freezer tape and cling wrap for ten bucks  and my wife pickup ten dollars worth of beef fat, adding another twenty to our total expense for deer season. Hopefully I can get three more deer, the limit is four in our county. 

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