Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Dogwood Trail

       The Dogwood trail is a short trail open to the public on managed timberland a few miles outside of Woodville just off highway 190. I decided to take a break from my waiting for another deer to hike this trail with my wife  and kids. I am hoping this will be the first of many. The Big Thicket as this area is known has many hiking trails and I plan on hiking all of them. 

       This is a good starter trail fairly flat and short, but it looks like it rarely gets visitors. There are a series of bridges many of which are messed up with fallen trees all of which are passable, but wouldn't be adviseable for children under the age of ten. The trail would be at its most scenic not to long after heavy rains as the creeks would have a heavier flow of water. 
      The trails end sooner than we had planned and past this point looks as of there has been some heavy damage if not logging. We considered going past the sign at the end of this small bridge to look for geocaches, but decided it would be to rough for the kids. This was our first  time finding a geocache and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I wish we had brought things to leave. The small geocache had a note and a couple silicone braclets. We took one and left a little change behind. Next time we go hiking we will be prepared and bring our own caches to leave. We have enough stuff we could fill the woods.

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