Thursday, November 20, 2014

Doe number 2

        It is nothing to brag about just another doe to put meat in the box, but that is all that really interests me. There was four or five deer at the corn including one big buck with a decent rack. Not sure if it had the 13 inch spread it needed to be legal because he was gone pretty quick. This deer and another one were doubling back to go the other side when I was able to get a shot at this one. I wouldn't say I enjoy it and I wouldn't say I feel bad about killing a deer. I guess if I am going to eat something that has to die, I should at least be able to do the killing myself. This deer is a little smaller than the last I probably will get a little less meat in the freezer. My goal is a hundred pounds of ground meat, maybe thirty pounds of steak for fajitas or stir fry, and as much jerky as I can make. I kept the skin from this one, rubbed salt all over the inside, rolled the skin up and placed the whole thing inside a garbage bag and into the freezer. I should be able to take it out later, thaw the whole thing and scrap it to process into a useable hide. I do feel that processing the hide is a big part of what I want to learn from this. I really have no interest in having a deer head hanging on the wall, but I hate to see the hide to waste. 

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