Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Wagon Load of Doe

        Monday morning I got my first doe of the year. This is only the fifth deer I have killed total.  I got one a couple years ago and three last year. For much of the time we have lived in the country I was out of town working during deer season, which in this county goes from November first until January forth.  I don't exactly relish the process of hunting and the butchering can be down right disgusting, but while living here I want to experience all of what living  in the country has to offer. Besides if I was to go to the store and the a good quality ground beef the price would be around five dollars a pound, ground venison at a meat market in Houston would be around twelve dollars a pound. I should get at least thirty pounds of ground venison, plus the back straps, and some which will be used for jerky. Right now my total investment is three bags of corn $21 dollars, a hunting licsence $25 dollars, one bag of apple attractant $5, and three rifle shells (two to check the scope and one  to shoot the deer) $3.  So for fifty four dollars I will be able to put up around 150 dollars worth of meat.  I will give a more accurate accounting when I have cut and ground the meat.

            Most people out here ride around on four wheelers and use them to haul the deer around, but if you take into account the cost of the four wheeler your better off buying your meat.  Besides we have seen to many people tragically injured in accidents, so personally it's not worth it for me.  I will stick to pulling the deer out of the woods using the radio flyer  wagon my kids stopped playing with that has become my all around the house work horse. This was by far the largest doe I have shot and without the wagon I would not have been able to get it out of the woods by myself. 

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